About Natalie

After college, I felt myself changing career paths over and over. I adored each job I had, but something was missing from those 9-to-5 offices. My mission became creating a job I loved with a flexible schedule. So I took several courses, invested in my business, and worked with some amazing clients to hone my skills. Finally, The Social Tinker was created!

One of my favorite parts of the job is connecting with other entrepreneurs. By managing the backend of their business, I am able to free up their time for more revenue-generating tasks. I'm the Integrator to their Visionary, and they are able to regain their ideal work-life balance instead of feeling drained and burnt out. I feel honored to be able to help fellow business owners go from fatigued to refreshed, even as their business is rapidly expanding.

I adore small, local coffee shops. I devour spaghetti for dinner at least once per week. Going out for Mexican food is always high on my list of priorities (helllooo, chips & salsa and a salty margarita). I don't like plain chocolate, but I'll drool over any salted caramel or toffee chocolate!



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